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Tour de France Champion Tells Fans She’s Transgender

Philippa York, a cycling hero previously known as Robert Millar, has announced that she is a transgender woman. In a statement on, York, 58, opened up about the gender transition process she began in the early 2000s: “The outcome of that journey has meant that for a considerable time now I have lived as Philippa,” she wrote. York—who won the King… Read More »

The Best Healthy Amazon Prime Day Deals

Although a few select deals were announced earlier on Monday, the third annual Amazon Prime Day officially kicks off on Monday night—and the discounts are almost too good to be true. Starting at 6PM PT/9 PM ET on July 10, Amazon Prime members will be able to score huge savings on everything from fitness trackers to kitchen necessities,… Read More »

The Surprising Number of Steps Americans Really Take Each Day

Taking 10,000 steps a day is considered a healthy goal if you want to be reasonably fit and give your overall wellness a boost. But how often do you actually hit that number? If you’re like many Americans, you’re falling short, according to new research from Stanford University, which found that people in the U.S. took an average of just 4,774 step daily.… Read More »

6 Running Stretches That Are Too Easy to Skip

Photo: Twenty20 This article originally appeared on Life by Daily Burn. If you’re one of those runners who sprints away from a warm-up and cool-down as fast as you do a finish line, you’re missing out on some great benefits. Plus, you could be putting yourself at risk for injury. According to Lauren Loberg, doctor of physical therapy… Read More »

Why Jumping Rope Is a Shockingly Good Workout

This article originally appeared on A jump rope feels decidedly old-school: something you played with as a kid but that most adults, except for boxers, leave behind. That’s a shame, because jumping rope offers a combination of benefits to bone, balance and muscles that most types of exercise can’t match. “If you’ve done it… Read More »